Why WordPress?

  • Wonderful Simplicity

    Web editing for everyone

    No idea what HTML code is? Perfect. WordPress enables even the most novice users to edit like the big boys. See… you’re practically a pro.

  • Incredible Capability

    Unprecedented Expandability

    Thanks to its (mostly free) plugins, WordPress is the single most functional website builder in the world, making your wish WordPress’ command.

  • SEO Guru Recommended

    Ready for discovery

    WordPress is the website builder most recommended by industry-leading search engine optimizers.

Most Trusted Website Builder.

WordPress is the single most widely used website builder, or content management system (CMS), on the planet. It’s users range from eBay to the corner hardware store, from The New York Times to Never-Heard-of-Her Mom Blogger, and from website gurus to those terrified of computers. WordPress is trusted by Best Buy, Sony, Reuters, IZOD, General Motors, Samsung, the GOP, and even the Rolling Stones. Joining them are thousands of law firms, real estate agencies, online retailers, churches, schools, radio stations, oil and gas companies, doctor and dentist offices, entertainers, healthcare providers, and… well, pretty much every other industry on earth.

Virtually Limitless Capability.

WordPress is more than just the popular website builder. It’s also the most functional. Boasting the most robust plugin store of any website builder in the world, the most limiting factor for WordPress is often the user’s ability to dream big. Want to link to your social media sites and display sharing icons on your blog posts? There are hosts of plugins for each. Want to open an online store? There’s a plugin for that. Want your Instagram photos to appear on your website. There’s a plugin for that, too. Want to integrate MailChimp or Constant Contact, use Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms to create a multi-page, highly specified online job application, or track your website visits with Google Analytics? You guessed it. They all have plugins. So, let SEO Skyrocket deliver to your business gorgeous web design and powerful SEO on top of the best website builder available.

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