Web Hosting Features

  • Actively Managed

    Hosting that fits you

    The WordPress core is incredibly secure when it’s up-to-date. Our team handles minor updates for you and thoroughly tests major updates before recommending the upgrade. They’ll even work with you to ensure that all goes well. The result? You get to manage your business, not your website.

  • Serious Security

    Powerful fortification

    With multiple firewalls and proactive detection and elimination of malware, it’s no shocker that Constant Contact, SoundCloud, HTC, and Buffer entrust their websites to our host. In view of that lineup of clients, we sleep well telling you that you won’t find more secure web hosting. Period.

  • 99.9% Up-Time

    Super Reliable

    In a recent study, WP Engine maintained 99.99% up-time in a test of 10 websites over a 6-month span. At 98.99% up-time, tested GoDaddy sites were down 44 hours longer than WP Engine sites. And that, friend, is reason #791 why our website is hosted by WP Engine (and why yours should be, too).

  • 24/7 Support

    Help when you need it

    24/7 phone support with real humans who speak English with wonderful clarity? Oh, and they’ll talk you through WordPress updates to make sure they’re successful, and, if they aren’t, they’ll restore your site and help you resolve the issue? #yesplease #royaltreatment

WP Engine: Simply the Best.

Though Bluehost hosts some of our clients’ websites, it does not host our website. SEO Skyrocket is hosted by WP Engine, the same company that hosts the websites of Constant Contact, Buffer, SoundCloud, HTC, and MaxCDN. So, why did we choose WP Engine? First, our website needs to be up and running… all the time. WP Engine boasts measured up-times in excess of 99%, which left our hearts feeling wooed. But they didn’t stop there. We discovered that WP Engine is also the King of Page Load Speed, an often overlooked search engine ranking factor. We were initially hosted by the direct competitor of WP Engine, and the switch to WP Engine not only dramatically reduced our hosting expenses, but also cut our page load speeds in half. As a sweet additional bonus we also saw an immediate jump in our search engine rankings. Security is also a big deal to us. Doing legitimately excellent work for our clients means that we don’t have time for our website to get hacked, and we love that WP Engine actively manages the security of our website. That means that they’re proactive in preventing attacks and reactive when an attack slips through, restoring our site to proper working order. The beauty is that we enjoy web fortification without lifting a finger, which, of course, frees us to focus our efforts on what we do best: building shockingly excellent websites. For us, the icing on the WP Engine cake is their support team. They offer live chat support for most of the day and 24/7 phone support from friendly people who speak English with wonderful clarity. ;) Of course, the concise way to say all of this has all ready been said: WP Engine, friend, is simply the best.