Real Estate Websites

Client: Trinity Properties

Year: 2014

Really Fantastic Real Estate Websites.

Real estate websites are a “must” in the real estate world. Having come to that conclusion, Trinity Properties in Tyler, TX, contacted SEO Skyrocket to talk real estate websites. At the time, their web presence consisted of a Facebook page and nothing more. So, we consulted with them to learn about their agency, and in doing so, got to know their people, personalities, properties, and brand. From there, we worked alongside them to roll out a search engine optimized website with beautiful web design and carefully crafted copy writing. Within months, their real estate website ranked on Google among the top real estate rental agencies in Tyler. Because they wanted to eliminate the need to pay someone every time they wanted to add or change a web page, they came to us for training in the leading website builder in the world, WordPress. Despite previously knowing nothing about WordPress (and being intimidated by the thought of it), Trinity now not only has a gorgeous real estate website, but one they edit in-house, which saves them a few thousand dollars per year. The best part is that they no longer have a long list of available rentals, so if you’re looking for a great place to rent in Tyler, then plan to contact them well in advance. ;) If you’re shopping incredible real estate websites, then look no further, friend. Drop us a line to have us begin construction on a gorgeous, powerful, discoverable real estate website for your agency.