Radio Station Web Design

We had a blast building the three Encouragement FM websites: 89.5 KVNE and 91.3 KGLY. To begin, it should be said that their staff is legitimately fantastic. I remember being offered food and drink every time I walked into the building. I felt like mini fridges were everywhere loaded with every soft drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi have ever produced, and my perception is that I was offered a drink from each mini fridge I passed. Great people.

Total Redesign.

Their previous web designs looked good when they were built, but they had become dated. Because they needed tremendous design flexibility and because they wanted a uniform look across all three websites, we employed the highly-touted X-Theme by They loved, I loved it, and they received great feedback from their listeners. And we like that.

High-End Hosting.

Down time and slow page load speed just doesn’t work for radio station websites, so we hosted Encouragement with WP Engine, our favorite web hosting company of all time. During my childhood, I regularly heard the expression, “If you love [insert-whoever-here], then why don’t you marry [insert-whoever-here]?” While I’m happily married to my sweet wife, I felt great committing myself to hosting the SEO Skyrocket website with WP Engine. While we make money as a seller of WP Engine hosting, it was the trial run of their hosting on my own site that excited me about the partnership.

WordPress Training.

Encouragement FM was pretty comfortable making their way around the WordPress dashboard, so we sat down with them to equip them to use WordPress in some ways beyond what they knew they could do. The cool part is that they tracked with me and walked away from the meeting ready not only to have great looking websites, but to keep great looking websites as they more forward.