Mortgage Company Web Design

The Internet has empowered mortgage companies to originate loans with unprecedented efficiency, which means that the overwhelming majority of clients who choose a mortgage company complete their loan applications on their mortgage company’s website. The question that should be asked is, “What impression does your website give of your company?” For years, the mentality for most businesses in most industries was that if a website exists in any form, then clients will start coming in droves. That, of course, is false because your website communicates something about your business to your current and potential clients. The question is, “What is it?”

Legacy Mortgage Company Web Design

At Legacy Mortgage Group in Tyler, TX, Derek Jones decided that his website didn’t portray his company in the proper light. And I would agree. I met Derek in 2008 after he was recommended to my wife and I as we were looking to purchase our first home. Both my wife and I were immediately impressed with Derek as a person. He was incredibly friendly and hospitable. In fact, I joke with him now about how long I can make it in his office before he offers me a bottled water or soft drink. It’s usually just a matter of seconds, and that marked the quality of service he provided to us from start to finish. He was professional, yet fun. He never seemed frantic, but remained incredibly efficient.

The problem? His website didn’t communicate that. At all.

So, we transformed the Legacy Mortgage web design, upgraded them to WP Engine hosting, and connected them with GetFiveStars to generate legitimate client ratings and reviews. Today, their online presence is consistent with their face-to-face experience, and we’re thankful to have been part of that.