Law Firm Websites

Client: Adley Law Firm

Year: 2013-2014

Beautiful, Findable Law Firm Websites.

On the one hand, truly superior law firm websites are not easy to find, which provides virtually insurmountable strategic advantage to firms that have them. Why? Because both market research and human experience tell us that people think poorly of law firms that present themselves poorly. Conversely, people assume excellence from law firms that present themselves excellently.

On the other hand, truly superior law firm websites are easy to find. Law firm websites that are truly excellent are not buried on the eighth page of Google for searches pertaining to the firm’s practice areas. Instead, they are located much closer to the top so that potential clients can find them when they are in need.

Aware of these truths, Adley Law Firm, which competes in Houston, TX, one of the five most competitive legal markets in the United States, saw the need for a redesigned, search engine optimized website. So, ALF contacted Deep Space Robots, a stellar web design firm in Dallas, TX. Deep Space Robots then subcontracted SEO Skyrocket for copywriting & SEO. Our joint effort produced a great-looking site that skyrocketed the firm from outside the first 450 Google search results into the top 20 for almost every practice areas, including more than half inside the top 10 and several number one rankings. The crazy part? They’re actually still climbing in the rankings.

Shopping beautiful, findable law firm websites? We have you covered, so let’s do this.