High-Traffic Blogsites

We redesigned Blog & Mablog, the high-traffic personal blog of Pastor/Theologian/Author Douglas Wilson that sees more than 1,000,000 site visits per year. With that number of site visitors come significant concerns:

Stellar Web Hosting.

Can your web host handle your page visitors or will your site shut down? How do you prevent spam and malicious attacks, since at that size you’re undoubtedly the target of attack? Suffice it to say that $3.95/mo. web hosting won’t suffice, but what will? We submit without apology that in most cases WP Engine is the way to go.

Solid SEO.

As readership grows, the question becomes, “How do I continue to grow my audience?” There are hosts of gimmicky SEO tactics (e.g. number one Google ranking guarantees, keyword stuffing), so which SEO practices are reliable? What is it that Google wants and how do I know? As we did with Dr. Wilson, we love to equip our clients with great SEO tools like WordPress SEO by Yoast and Scribe Content by Copyblogger, and, of course, we enjoy teaching them how to use those tools to kick blogging butt.

Stunning Design.

The importance of stunning web design for high-traffic blogs is almost impossible to exaggerate. In fact, I’d challenge you to locate a high-traffic blog that’s ugly. Admittedly, I’ve seen a few, but let’s face it: it’s a rare find. When you find an ugly blog that dominates, one can’t help but wonder how much more traffic that blog would see if it weren’t visually repulsive?”

A Great Story.

My favorite element of the story is how SEO Skyrocket got that job. I was reading Blog & Mablog one day (as I frequently do) and was struck primarily by the incredible quality of the content and secondly by the ugliness of the page. So, I sent Dr. Wilson a message and asked if he’s be up for hiring me to redesign his site. He called me back within 2 hours and said (after a brief discussion to make sure SEO Skyrocket is neither shoddy nor flighty), “Sure.” I replied with something collected and professional like, “Thank you for your business,” but, if I’m being honest, I think I gained in that moment understanding of what it feels like for a 14-year old girl to be backstage at an [insert-boy-band-here] concert. Of course, I immediately called my wife and then a fellow Douglas Wilson fan to enjoy the moment. The friend said to me, “Now, you get a link to your website in the footer of one of the most widely read personal blogs in the world,” which placed wonderfully rich icing on top of the delightful cake I was all ready consuming.

That’s my fan boy story. Enjoy it. ;) Oh, and let us help you expand the quality and reach of your high-traffic blog.