Entertainer Web Design

Client: Magician Grant Price

Year: 2013

We Build Monster Entertainer Websites.

The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive in America, so mediocre entertainer websites are simply unacceptable. Having seen a host of mediocre and/or cheesy entertainer websites, Magician Grant Price contacted SEO Skyrocket in search of legitimately stunning web design, powerful SEO, blazing web hosting, and training in WordPress, the world’s leading website builder. We had actually seen him perform both on-stage and in a walk-around setting, and he is shockingly good, so we were honored and excited to take the job. We wanted to communicate to his potential clients that his performance and personality are as superior to most other as they really are, but we knew that stellar web design alone wasn’t sufficient. So, we did some site-wide search engine optimization and equipped Grant to write his own search engine optimized page content. And he did a fine job, if we might say (way to go, Grant!). Today, Grant has one of the top entertainer websites in a number of Texas cities with hopes of expanding his reach even further. If mediocre entertainer websites are your thing, then we’re the wrong firm for you, but if fantastic entertainer websites are your thing, then drop us a line.