Church Websites

Client: Sylvania Church

Year: 2014

We Build Powerful Church Websites.

How important are church websites? Thom Rainer, President of Lifeway, reports that, “As many as nine out of ten prospective guests will get their first impression of your church based on what they see when they go to the church website. . . The church that minimizes the value of its website is the church that is missing many opportunities to reach people.” Of course, Rainer is spot on, and the leadership at Sylvania Church in Tyler, TX, bought into that idea. So, the church hired SEO Skyrocket to deliver them from the realm of mediocre church websites into the realm of truly excellent church websites. We provided them with gorgeous web design, stellar SEO, ultra-fast web hosting, and top-notch training in WordPress, the world’s premier website builder. Today, the Sylvania Church website is (1) a beautiful billboard for potential guests, (2) the hub for church news and events communication, (3) the host of the pastoral staff blog, and, most recently, (4) the home of Sylvania U, a rapidly growing online discipleship course.

Though the site was once buried on the 6th page of Google searches, Sylvania Church now ranks on the first page for virtually every term or phrase that describes who they are. As result, the site is visited almost 800/mo. and connects more guests to the church than any other single form of outreach they do. This is exciting to us because Sylvania is a Reformed, 9Marks-affiliated, Southern Baptist Church with wonderfully expositional preaching, legitimately qualified elders, a high view of the local church, and a desire to reach Tyler, TX, with the gospel of Christ. So, if great churches are your thing, then we recommend Sylvania. If great church websites are your thing, then drop us a line. We’re ready to get this show on the road.